Swedish Edtech Industry, is the trade association for edtech companies operating in Sweden. We operate on a not-for-profit basis, and is accountable to a Board of Members, that is elected by member companies.

We have been serving the education sector as an organisation since 2017, and represents over 90 educational technology companies operating in Sweden such as hardware, educational publishers, digital learning resources like learning platforms, apps and also management solutions. Our members customers in the education market is serving the entirety of the life long learning journey.

We offer support, networks and events to our members on the Swedish market as well as on international markets. We also offers support to procurement officers, teachers and educators and schools and institutions on using, choosing and implementing edtech. Edtechkartan.se is the go-to-place to find your edtech products and services in for schools (additional segments to launch soon).

We co-founded European Edtech Alliance, supporting the growth of the European Edtech sector, and to connect and strengthen the pan-European Edtech ecosystem, a strong network in Europe, helping our members to connect and get insight. 

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